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SBI Sip Calculator: This SBI Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) calculator tool is free of cost to calculate return on SBI SIP investment. SBI SIP investment can be made monthly or quarterly or yearly. Sip work best when you do it for long duration as it works on compound interest basis, above you can use sip calculator SBI to calculate investment and return on different time periods

This mutual fund investment tool is available freely to calculate the returns, the return % rate varies timely and depend on the plan. This tool will show just rough estimation on the amount invested, you can contact a actual authorities and know the plan and returns

Benefits of SBI sip

1) Good return on investment over long duration of time

2) Alternative to FD, RD and LIC

3) SBI Sip is flexible to add or remove investments, and starts as low as 100rs/mo

4) SBI Sip mutual fund investment are tax beneficiary

5) You can invest monthly so there will be small impact volatility

Different types of Funds- In SBI Sip investment varies from Large, Small, Debt, Cap, & Mid Cap, ELSS, Liquid etc. based on the CRISIL Ratings and performance over 5 years

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